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August 13, 2009
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worldvibe150.gifCan Google see my Brain?

Yes, Google (and other search engines) can crawl your Brain and index it for searches, whether you just publish it on WebBrain and even if you embed it on your own site. The only exception is private Brains (obviously) and in some cases unlisted Brains. Keep reading for the nitty gritty details about how this works…

Search engines use a “crawler” to look for content online and index it so that it appears in their search results. Unfortunately, these crawlers are not as smart as real Web browsers and they don’t understand much beyond basic HTML.

Since Brains are relatively sophistaticated Web content, they go beyond basic HTML. Sometimes, this can cause content to become inaccessible to search engines. Flash-based web sites and even SiteBrains exported from PersonalBrain suffer from this problem. However, WebBrain has been designed to detect web crawlers and sends an HTML only version of your Brain to them. This allows Brain content to be fully crawled and indexed by search engines.

When you embed a Brain on your own site, if you enter a value for “Page address” in the custom settings area, this will ensure that links from search engines direct users back to your site. Be careful: if you don’t enter this address correctly, links from search engines won’t work. If you leave this address blank, the links will work, but they won’t show your Brain embedded in your site.

How long will it take before I can Google my Brain?

The search engines are always crawling, but they can take anywhere from days to weeks to get around to somewhere that references your Brain. Normally, this will happen through the link to your Brain on, but if your Brain is unlisted, this won’t be possible unless you have it linked from another public page that is getting crawled. Most search engines have a way to submit a link for crawling. You can do this with your Brain if you want, but it’s not necessary unless your Brain is unlisted an not linked from anywhere other prominent site. To do so, just submit the link that appears when you open your Brain.

That’s all there is to it. Remember, it might take several days even a few weeks before your Brain gets crawled by your favorite search engine.

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