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December 13, 2011
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Go Smarter
Create a No Limits Knowledgebase for Travel

Whether you are making your annual trip back home for the holiday season or are on the road each week, your Brain can help you make the most of your travel plans. Moreover, by adding key resources into your Brain you’ll create a robust knowledgebase for key destinations that gets better every time you use it.

TheBrain is invaluable for keeping trip itineraries accessible and collecting cool snippets of your destinations.

Travel Brains

Remembering What You Know…
When You Need it.

Don't ForgetSomeone once asked me how my travel Brain is different from a Google search or a travel book. And my answer is: it’s completely different because your Brain lets you customize the onslaught of information and bring it together in a way that is most relevant to YOU. Organize things from your perspective with your favorite activities, friends, restaurants and neighborhoods.

Essentially your travel Brain helps you remember what you know when you need it, as well as leverage key information assets so you can make better decisions about your trip. Sometimes the possibilities when you travel are endless. You can copy and paste maps to key destinations. Drag and drop links from hotel web sites. Jot down notes about rates and plans. Then “instant activate” your ideas on a moment’s notice. This is especially helpful if time is of the essence and you want to make sure you get a broad picture of your options.

RememberIn terms of basic travel Thoughts, I recommend storing your rewards and airline numbers in your Brain so you can get to your information quickly. For instance when I am booking a flight online I just activate my American Airlines Thought to see my frequent flyer number for flight credits etc. And like many business travelers I fly so many airlines that I can’t possibly remember them all and I certainly don’t carry the cards in my wallet! I also drag and drop email confirmations or print flight confirmations as PDFs and add them in my Brain to track out of state travel and to access itineraries on a moment’s notice. But perhaps the most magical aspect of your digital Brain is how it will surprise you with the right ideas when you need them. Like when I’m in New York I can activate my ”New York Asian Fusion Restaurants” Thought and always find my favorite restaurants in the area. Or that area map of snorkeling in turtle cove in Hawaii that is not in any tourist books that I discovered several years ago… Stuff that is really fun and useful but you would never remember over time without your Brain!

Thought Creation and Access on the Road

WebBrain SynchronizationWith offline and online access, working on your Brain while in the air is easy. I like to add new Thoughts and ideas to my Brain while I’m flying. Luckily TheBrain desktop client doesn’t require online connectivity all the time. This is essential for roadies like me. That being said, any changes I make on my laptop from the sky can be synchronized to the cloud and to my home computer with WebBrain synchronization services.

Furthermore accessing your Brain without your computer is easy with online access. Just open your WebBrain.com account from any device to reference your Brain or add new ideas.

Your Thoughts Most Travelled…

Brain Around the WorldWith delayed flight schedules and overcommitted agendas travel can be stressful and overwhelming. While you can’t control your flight, or the weather, you can be armed with the best and most relevant information in your digital Brain to ensure you’re ready for everything. Your Brain will maximize your time while in the air and give you all the essential resources when you need them. This goes a long way to put you in the driver’s seat for all your present and future travel. So happy travels this holiday season and beyond with your digital Brain!

Resources To Get Started.

Travel Brain Video Tours

Here’s a quick video of my Brain. The second example is Matt Caton’s.

Play Video

For a quick demo on my travel Brain you can watch this video

Play Video

And also see Matt’s travel Brain in action!

Brains to Get Started

  • Get the Travel Brain template for your plans. Download Now.
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