From Turkey Recipes to Marketing Projects: Creating a Mental Space for Life’s Events

November 21, 2011
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Mental SpaceWith the holiday season fast approaching we’re all trying to do more while enjoying the beauty and joys of life. Using TheBrain enables you to organize your business and personal events so you can make the most of your plans and retrieve your best ideas when you need them.

Nonlinear Organization Fuels Creative Results

Event planning by its very nature involves many variables, people and ideas coming together. Organizing events in PersonalBrain where you can link any idea to anything else will help you visualize all aspects of an event, build and grow good ideas.

Our own organic brains aren’t always linear. One thought can lead to a cascade and convergence of many others. So trying to confine your thinking to a folder or a linear filing structure can really inhibit creative approaches to problems and events. Or even worse the process of organizing information into folders becomes so tedious that we simply don’t bother. We carry it all in our head.  This presents a number of problems from misplaced information to overlooked ideas that lead to disappointing results, not to mention the psychological drain of never getting things off your mind…

Your digital Brain will enable you to take control of life events by leveraging your own thinking. Create a Thought in your Brain for all your key events. Even just having an area where you dump ideas or add key references and notes will help you to elevate your life. Think of it as the visual grocery list with hooks into all the information you need.

Integrating Resources for Action
Sometimes we know exactly what needs to be done but we just need a place to stay inspired and track our progress. With PersonalBrain you can drag and drop all relevant files, emails, and web pages. For instance if you are organizing a conference you need to track all your marketing


collateral, speaker agendas and venue links – it’s only a click away in your Brain.

You can also take notes on your Thoughts and files to capture those snippets of information. Plus, PersonalBrain’s built-in calendar lets you set reminders and other dates so you are always on top of any action items and deadlines.

Dragging and dropping sources of inspiration that you read about on the web will enable you to recalibrate and reenergize yourself when you need an extra nudge. This might include key leaders in your industry, pictures of desired results or reference links for your project.

Achieve Multifaceted Focus with Instant Activate

Unfortunately, creativity can’t be produced on-demand. So being able to capture your thinking when the idea strikes is important. But being able to instantly recall an important idea is even more critical. One of the advantages of your digital Brain is that it allows you the freedom to relieve your mind from mundane details. So rather than having your Thanksgiving  dinner plans, marketing projects and new kitchen renovations all circling around in your head, you can get it all into one place and give your mind a break. You can turn off your thinking with the confidence you can return to it in a moment’s notice and get back into the groove of things.

One of the most powerful features that PersonalBrain offers is Instant Activate. Just type in a few letters and up pop the Thoughts you need. You can always get to exactly where you need to be in seconds.

The power of this feature should not be underestimated. It gives you the ability to get to any Thought and its related content in seconds. This is especially crucial for users juggling multiple projects or tasks. Anyone who needs to shift contexts, respond and bring up information quickly will love this feature.

Instant Activate


Just type in the first couple letters of what you need and a list of your Thoughts appear. Click on the Thought and get your information instantly.

Thought Tags and Types for Prioritization
With multiple responsibilities and projects moving at once it’s critical to manage and control the flow of your information, your time for each project and even the desirability of the projects themselves.

Once you have all your key ideas and to-dos captured you will need to take a step back and prioritize or even delete a few!  You can use Thought Types and Tags in PersonalBrain to visually prioritize your responsibilities. Use bright colors to represent and visualize the more important projects or commitments.


Thought Types for “Green Lighted Projects” (in green) and your “Action Items” (in orange) convey a visual priority when juggling multiple projects.

Seeing all this in your digital Brain enables you to be more conscious of what you need to focus on.

Visualizing Your Next Event
You can get started by mind mapping and visually organizing an event by creating a Thought in your Brain. This Thought will serve as the central knowledge hub to store and access information as well as add new ideas. With the Thanksgiving week upon us creating a travel section in your Brain is perfect for organizing itineraries, confirmation numbers, etc.

For more information on using TheBrain for travel you can watch this recorded event and get a template Brain.

Thanksgiving Brain

Watch Matt Create His Thanksgiving Brain in 5 Minutes

With your event focused Brain you can take care of the little things that bog you down and keep your eye on the big picture. This helps you get more done so you can make the most of finer things in life. So whether you’re organizing your turkey recipes or planning for an international event, the same principle holds true:

Smarter Context = Better + Stress-Free Results.


Thanksgiving Brain Resources

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