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August 2, 2011
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“Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it.”
ideasAs we enjoy the warmer weather and relaxed ambience of summer, the season brings us an opportunity to be inspired and bring new ideas to life. Right now deadlines may not be as pressing as they are at year-end for some businesses, or you might be stepping in for a vacationing colleague, or travelling yourself. All these circumstances can trigger fresh ideas and allow you to explore uncharted territory.

Use TheBrain to make your summer shine, by capturing and growing your creative ideas and projects.

What Is Creativity?

InspireThe connections in our mind converge and new ideas are generated. But there is a certain mystery and awe in our creative facilities. This intangible process makes our creative process and output somewhat unpredictable and serendipitous.

How do you maximize such an ephemeral and yet essential process? I don’t claim to know all the answers, but there are some easy things anyone can do and TheBrain can help you with all of them.

Clearing the Deck for New Ideas for Creative Connections
I’ve noted that August can be a great month for creativity due to less intense deadlines. However, if you are in the construction industry or have kids at home from school you might actually have less time. But regardless of your workload or season, if you’re pre-occupied with mundane tasks and commitments, they will take up precious space in your mind. Creative opportunities will be missed. As Dee Hock said, “Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it.”

This idea of clearing your head for more productivity is an essential theme in David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology. A key aspect of GTD is having a trusted place to put things away along with a system of organization and prioritization so ultimately you can focus on what really matters to you. Not only can TheBrain capture your creative vision but you can use your digital Brain to store information, tasks, allowing you to sift through the data clutter that might be holding your creativity back.

For more information on how to use TheBrain to “Get Things Done” see my blog post.
For more information on dealing with information overload see my article on “Digital Sanity.”

Thinking Outside the Box with Lateral Connections
Creativity in many cases is simply putting together existing ideas in a new way. As Albert Einstein put it, “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.”

From Einstein to Edward de Bono to Tony Buzan, many an insight on creativity relates to how making connections between two seemingly disparate concepts can be the key to that “Eureka” moment. Your mind and imagination are the ultimate source for these nuggets of gold.

MyBrainTheBrain enables you to capture your thoughts anytime, when they come to mind so you can leverage them when the time is right.

There’s really no better place to get your creative juices flowing on a project, hobby or interest than in your digital Brain. TheBrain makes linking together information fun. You can connect any idea to anything else so your creative ideas aren’t stuffed into folders. This lateral thinking enabled by non-linear connections is the hallmark of creativity and is easily achieved in TheBrain.

Fill your Brain with the concepts that are important to your business or life. Whether it’s key points in your supply chain, new ideas for your manufacturing process, or key principals that separate you from the competition, each of these Thoughts forms a foundation for a network of lateral connections that can lead to your next breakthrough.

For example, if you are a software engineer being able to link development ideas to applications can trigger new features for customers. An architect might link building specifications to new materials to come up with the best design. What TheBrain provides is a new perspective beyond mundane folders to organize information. This gives you more possibilities to see connections in a new light.

Inspirational Warehousing and Idea Incubation
Now that you’ve started to build a structure that encompasses your business goals or passions, you should capture and link up all the ideas you have, no matter how fanciful they may seem at first blush. Much our modern world is built on ideas that must have seemed crazy even to their creators. In the case of your Brain, these ideas don’t need to get in the way and if they never lead anywhere, there’s nothing lost. Your Brain can hold hundreds of thousands of “Thoughts”.  On the other hand, keeping them connected to the topics they are about allows them to incubate and keeps them accessible when a catalyst for making them into reality happens or something comes to mind later.

A snapshot of Jerry Mickalski’s 160,000+ Thought Brain on creativity as published on
TheBrain Cloud

Harlan Hugh the inventor of TheBrain, puts all his ideas in his Brain, regardless of how trivial. These ideas incubate, grow and build connections over time. Some might be used in the future and others are just there to trigger more ideas. This expansive knowledgebase has resulted in multitude of technical innovations of TheBrain software. Sandy Ping, CEO of VentureForward, and one of the inventors of billion dollar commercial successes such as Cascade Action Paks and Swiffer WetJet uses his Brain to make connections between market research, products, patents and new ideas to foster his own innovative thinking.

Organizing ideas is central to evolving your creative process. With TheBrain you can organize by connection rather than separation which preserves and captures lateral thinking that is often necessary to innovate and create.

(To learn more about TheBrain’s Big Thinkers go to:

Expanding Your Mind and Talent
By consciously adapting your workflows with the intent to be creative, you will find that you are. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy when you have the means to execute it. The simple act of capturing your ideas will spawn others and TheBrain’s ability to remind you of those ideas when you are thinking about related concepts will enhance your own innate creativity.  You can not only capture your ideas but the overall business and creative processes. This is especially relevant for project managers. Becoming conscious of your processes and methodologies will enable you to gain a level of control on your thinking and projects.  We just did a webinar last week entitled “The Ultimate Performance Network” demonstrating how to explicitly mind map business processes.  Understanding your workflows and project cycles helps you evolve and build on current thinking so you can improve and streamline things.

And for people who have no defined processes whatsoever, TheBrain can be even more useful. I know creatives in Hollywood who dread Microsoft Project but can organize a project like nothing in their Brain!  With TheBrain anyone can take a basic idea or vague objective and start visualizing specifics: hammering out next steps, contingency plans, key documents all visualized together. For more information on how to realize the results of creativity see my blog post on “7 Steps To Make Your Creative Vision a Reality

So clear out a corner of your mind by putting it all into your digital Brain. Two Brains are always better than one. With TheBrain you will never run out of space, so add your most outlandish ideas, inspirations and connections. Let the idea germination begin!

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